The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: Tapped Out

If you are friends with me on Origin, odds are you have seen my Springfield, and you are aware I have spent A LOT of money on it. I am, it’s fair to say, addicted. Thats why this news is exciting!

Today we have some great news, The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been updated! As of this morning, Springfield is gearing up for Halloween, with some excellent new updates. The new update brings new characters (and costumes), new buildings, artifacts and more to the game! The update starts out when Homer decides its about time that Springfield had a place to bury its dead, because your characters are dying so much? Anyway, when the cemetery is built, it just so happens that it is riddled with Zombies.

These zombies are easily killed with a tap of the finger, with a lovely squishing sound to boot, and to add to the joy everytime you squash them you get either candy, toilet paper or eggs. But what use are they I hear you ask? Well the candy is this updates currency to buy all the special halloween buildings! The eggs and toilet paper are to vandalize your friends towns, as you can see I have done to my girlfriends Springfield above. The only disadvantage with these zombies is that they can eat your characters, and consequently turn them into zombified versions of themselves. Don’t fret though, you can just tap them to return them to their former selves.

Even more so, as I mentioned a bit above, we have new buildings now, special Halloween buildings which come with character costumes! Such as the one of Marge above now in her Witch form. But that isn’t all, if you look below you can also see there are some normal character updates such as Otto and his School bus, and Edna K and her apartment for one.

Last but not least, the game also returns some of the features that us early adopters may remember, such as Sideshow Bob in your town, unfortunately it does not bring back the stealing of people’s lemon trees, but with the amount of updates we are getting, it’s only a matter of time!

This new update is one that you should all be jumping to get. In this writers opinion, The Simpsons: Tapped Out is easily the best iOS title available.



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