Assasins Creed 3: Infamy Review

It’s no secret, I am an Assassins Creed fanboy, and I can’t deny it. Just ask Jue_Boy, every title, bar the first, I have gone on about for ages. So it comes to no surprise that I was eagerly waiting the new single player DLC, Infamy, the first episode in ‘The Tyranny of King Washington’ saga. Readers of our Assassins Creed 3 Review will also know that I loved the latest character, Conner (I am not writing his other name, deal with it), and with the latest announcement that the next game will not revolve around him, the more chances I get to use him, the more I will. The question is, does Infamy live up to the expectations set by Assassins Creed 3, or does it fall short of being the DLC we want?


The story begins with Conner’s mum, yes the one that died in a horrible fire, waking him up, as an adult. Conner remembers his journey to extract revenge upon the Templars, but no one else seems to. Especially his previous companion, George Washington. George is now King George, and has an Apple of Eden, which he is using to make himself all powerful. This leaves both Conner, and the player a little confused. Conner remembers everything, and has no idea what is going on, and the story makes no attempt to explain what exactly is going on. I am assuming this has been left to be explained in a future episode, but it would have been nice to let the player know, instead of leaving them in the dark. None the less, the story is still captivating, and lives up to the expectations I had given it after playing the rest of the series.

Gameplay wise, Infamy, plays exactly like the main title, all the controls are the same, and Conner has access to the same weapons. The only difference is his newest abilities, to cloak himself, and to call packs of wolves to his aide. Calling the wolves’ works exactly as calling Ezio’s followers worked in previous games, you simply tap LB, and they come running. Cloaking is activated by pressing Y, where you become invisible, and run around, killing enemies without being spotted. The downside is, you lose your health quite fast while cloaked. It does make the game quite a bit easier, but the loss of health can sometimes leave you stuck, and will give away your position, while making you easier to kill, but it certainly is fun to use.


Presentation wise, Infamy is no different from Assassins Creed 3. The graphics are exactly the same, the environment is the same, you travel no further than the Frontier, and the weather is still snowy. Audio wise, the music and voice acting all remains constant. Seeing as I praised both of these components of Assassins Creed 3¸this is not a bad thing, and considering it is DLC, shouldn’t have been a surprise.

In terms of length, ignoring all the side missions, Infamy clocks in at around an hour and a half, and with the side quests, around two and a half hours. While this is a decent length, I would have liked to have seen a little bit more beef in the main story, without the side missions.


What I do want to bring up, even though it doesn’t really affect the game or gameplay in any way, is the issue with the AC3 Season Pass. I purchased the season pass for 2400 points, because it was mentioned that the new DLC would be included in the price, and we would get it the same time, if not a little earlier than those without the season pass. Well, last night, Infamy went live on the X-Box Live Marketplace, and was able to be purchased for 800 points. I immediately put the disc in and went to download my copy, but it wasn’t available to download. Players who had purchased a season pass, had to wait around 2-3 hours to access content they had paid previously for, while players who had not paid could access it straight away. Personally this annoyed me, and it would be nice to see Ubisoft show some loyalty to their loyal fans, by following in EA’s suit, and giving players with a season pass access to DLC before players without, not after.

Overall, Infamy lives up to the expectations set by Assassins Creed 3, but a confusing story, and short length gameplay make it hard to give a high score to. It is definitely worth a purchase, but don’t expect brilliance, just more of the same.

Score: 6.5/10

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