Peggle 2 Review

The original Peggle took the world by storm. It’s unique, and simple, gameplay made it a title that everyone wanted, especially when it came to the X-Box 360 in 2009, as part of the Summer of Arcade. By 2011, Peggle had already sold over 30 million copies, and I am here to admit, I was not one of them. My friends and colleagues often urged me to buy it, compete with them and become addicted, but I was too late for the party, and Peggle went by my unnoticed. Thanks to the wonderful people at PopCap and EA, this wasn’t to be the case with Peggle 2, when I got early access to the game that hits X-Box One today.

2D Boxshot Wizard v1.1

For those of you unfamiliar of the concept of Peggle/Peggle 2, let me explain it to you. Taking inspiration from a Japanese game known as Pachinko, players fire a ball at a group of pegs. The idea is to take out all of the orange pegs in a certain number of balls, and all the better if you can take out all the blue pegs as well, but that isn’t necessary. When you fire a ball, it bounces around all the pegs, taking out all the pegs it hits, and slowly falls to the bottom. At the bottom, it has the chance to fall in a bucket, and if it does, FREE BALL!

To new comers, this sounds like a very simple game, with not much captivation for the player. I will admit, that when Peggle was explained to me I certainly thought that, but after playing Peggle 2 let me tell you, that simplicity, it works. The game is so addicting, and it’s because of that simplicity. Take it from someone who thought the same. If you have played Peggle you know what to expect, and you know my words ring true.


Veterans to the series will instantly recognise the first face in Peggle 2, Bjorn the Unicorn, who is there to guide you through the first stages of the game. As you progress through the game, you eventually leave Bjorn and join other Peggle Masters, who help you throughout the levels. Each level contains green pegs, when you hit these pegs, the Peggle Masters give you special powers. For example, when Bjorn is with you, when you hit a green peg, you get the ability ‘Super Guide’. This allows you to see where the first bounce will end up, allowing you to plan your shots better.

Don’t fret though, there is another mode. Once you have finished a certain area, you unlock that area’s trial levels. These are more challenging puzzles in which you have to pull of certain objectives, like use 3 long shots (bouncing a ball of an orange peg, and hitting another orange peg on the other side of the level). These add another level of difficulty to the game.


Now occasionally, you will get stuck on a seemingly impossible level. In other puzzle games, the music tends to drive you insane, repeatedly drilling into your brain alerting you to the fact you are STILL on this level. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Peggle 2, in fact I sometimes found myself taking a breath and the music calming me down ready for another round. The artistic style used in Peggle 2 also helps this, but can be frustrating at times. The art is beautifully drawn, with bright colours which really help bring joy to the experience.

When it comes down to it, this is exactly what the Xbox One needed, an incredibly fun arcade title for you to put all your time in. Much like my Playstation 4 and Resogun, I can see me putting all my time with my Xbox One playing Peggle 2. An incredibly fun and addictive game, that you have to get. I think the best way to sum up my experience with Peggle 2 is with this gif.

Score: 10/10


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